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Module 7: Term Projects
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Congratulations on making it this far. In this module, we will try to bring together some of what we learned in previous modules. The term project can be done individually or in pairs or small groups. Let me know if you would like to do a group project and I will help you find a partner or partners.

The goal of the term project is to look back on what we learned in the other modules and create an activity or resource for other language learners.

Here are a few examples:

(1) Scavenger hunts

(2) Webquests

(3) Weblogs (Blogs)

(4) Vocabulary or grammar exercises

(5) Reading activities

(6) Listening activities

(7) Annotated bibliographies

You are welcome to suggest another project, but please keep the assignment deadlines in mind.

Before starting the project, you should e-mail me a proposal.

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What is your name?

What kind of project will you be doing?

E-mail address?
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After I accept your proposal, please begin drafting your plan and contact me if you have any questions.

When your project is finished, contact me regarding how to upload this to the ELSSI website for your classmates and future learners.

Thank you for you efforts in the ELSSI course. Please go to the evaluation page when you are finished. I would like to find out what you thought of the course.

(1) Submit your project proposal using the above e-mail form.
(2) Begin working on your project.
(3) Upload your project to the ELSSI website.
(4) Visit the course evaluation page and complete the survey.

(1) Submit your project proposal. Due 12/27 (Mon).
(2) Participate in the ELSSI Forum at MSN Groups. Initial postings will be due on 12/27 (Mon) and responses to at least two classmates will be due on 1/10/05 (Mon).
(3) Post your thoughts, questions and comments on this module in your blog. Due by 1/10/05 (Mon).
(4) Upload you project to the ELSSI website. Due by 1/10/05 (Mon).
(5) Complete the survey on the evaluation page. Due by 1/10/05 (Mon).

Scavenger hunts - Links to Internet scavenger (treasure) hunts
Webquests - Webquest homepage, examples inside
ESL Activities - Examples
Annotated bibliography - Explanation and example
More - Another list of links

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