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Welcome to the WORDHUNTERS links page!

Table of Contents

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc. Vocabulary Building Reading Materials
Listening Practice Activities, Quizzes, etc. Speaking, Pronunciation, etc.
Study Skills Critical Thinking, Metaphor, etc. Online Language Learning Courses
Fun Stuff Contact Information Acknowledgments


Online Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.

Dictionaries are a great language learning tool. They can be used to look up unfamiliar words, find example sentences and just browse.

- Merriam-Webster Online
  Includes both a dictionary and thesaurus, Merriam-Webster for Kids, with a useful Daily Buzzword section, and Brittanica Online (with a limited amount of free services).

- Yourdictionary.com
  Includes both a dictionary and thesaurus search function and a huge list of online bilingual dictionaries and resources.

- OneLook
  This search engine displays results as a list of links to online definitions.

- Wikipedia
  The Free Encyclopedia

- Encyclopedia.com
  Search a letter of the alphabet or enter a keyword.

- Infoplease
  All the knowledge you need.

- Encarta
  Offered by msn.

- Acronym Finder
  Online database of acronyms.


Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary is the foundation on which we build our other language skills.

- Word Lists and Vocabulary Resources
  Maintained by Prof. K. H. Yang.

- Academic Word List
  Academic Word List Coxhead (2000)

- Online Reading Lab
  Maintained by my Bill Balsamo.

Reading Materials (Newspapers, Magazines, Etc.)

Reading is an important skill to develop and will help you in other areas.

- onlinenewspapers.com
  Find online newspapers by country, state or region.

- Newspapers.com
  Includes links to online newspapers in the United States and around the world. Also has categories for looking up sites dealing with specific topics or themes.

- Internet Public Library
   The Kid Space and Teen Space pages include links to many more reading materials.

- Project Gutenberg
   Portal site for a large (and growing) list of online books.

Listening Practice

Listening is another important skill that will help you in other areas.

- Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
  The best of the best.

- Online Listening Resources
  Find online listening material.

- VOA Special English
  News is English for non-native speakers of English (Voice of America)


Language Activities, Quizzes, etc.

- Better English
  Vocabulary and grammar exercises.

- Webquest Portal
  Learn about, try and make Webquests.

- Activities for EFL Students
  Lots of different activities sorted by focus and level.

- Interesting Things for ESL Students
  Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more


Speaking, Pronunciation, etc.

- Phonetics: The Sounds of American English - Pictures and sound files for learning/practicing pronunciation.

Study Skills

- Study Skills Self-help Information - Maintained by the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Tech

- How-To-Study.com - A Study Skills Resource Site.

- Study Guides and Strategies - Divided by various study-related themes

- College Grants Database - Submitted by students at Mason Learning Center.

- Student Education Guide: Good Study Habits - Submitted by Katelyn (and her teacher Ms. Ward)

- Test Prep - Answers - A collection of articles related to test preparation and test taking strategies

Critical Thinking, Metaphors, Mind Mapping, etc.

- The Metaphor Project - Useful for organizing arguments, presentations, etc.

- Arindne's Thread - Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing arguments.

- Thinking Maps - Useful for organizing arguments, presentations, etc.


Online Language Learning Courses

- BBC World Service - Extensive site for self study

- English Portal - The Better Way to English

- English Through The Internet - Pilot project for matching pre-service teachers with language learners in online learning environments.

Fun Stuff

- DF1LM - Make your own short animated film.

- Music Lyrics - Find the lyrics for your favorite songs in English.

- Exploritorium: Ten Cool Sites - Lots of different topics, subjects, etc.

- ScMOOze - Communicate with other language learners in an online environment.

- E-blogger - Create your own web log (blog).

Other Lists

- English as a Second Language - List of exercises and links to other sites

- Cool Sites List - Maintained by NETEACH-L.

- UsingEnglish.com - Large collection of ESL tools and resources.

- Road to Grammar - A fun way to study/learn grammar.

- GrammarCheck.net - An online grammar checker.

Contact Information
For more information, email Brent Jones at bjones_jp@yahoo.com.

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