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Welcome to Word Hunters, an online space to gather stories of various kinds. We hope these humble projects inspire visitors to connect with others and build deep, meaningful relationships that transcend the web.

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Our Projects

Oral Histories

The concept for this project is sharing and collecting stories. The OH project has been taught by Prof. Brent A. Jones every other year since 2010. One aim has been to connect and deepen relationships with the community. Students learn about OHs as a qualitative research method that can be used in other projects, including the graduation project in their fourth year.

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Sharing our own stories (and thoughts), but more importantly hunting down stories that inspire, entertain and provoke. We start with people in our own networks but hope this podcast can expand those networks as well.

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This is a space to follow up and expand on topics from the podcast interviews and discussions. We will likely include posts related to our various interests and endeavors. This will also be a spot for listeners to comment.

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