Word Hunters

Searching for stories worth hearing


The concept of this website is the sharing of stories. The title Word Hunters is being used with a range of meanings. At one level, we are interested in language, how words are used, and how to convey the meaning of words from one language into another. On another level, we are interested in the combination of words people use to tell their stories. The search continues . . .

At present, we are pursuing two areas of interest. We are deeply interested in Oral Histories, both as a research methodology and as a platform for collecting people’s memories of certain events. The other area of interest is podcasting and the power of the spoken word. Please have a look around and let us know what you think, unvarnished of course.

The Projects

Current areas of interest

The concept for the oral histories (OH) project at Konan University, Hirao School of Management (CUBE) is sharing and collecting stories. The OH project has been taught by Prof. Brent A. Jones every other year since 2010. One aim has been to connect and deepen relationships with the community. Students learn about OHs as a qualitative research method that can be used in other projects, including the graduation project in their fourth year.

The Word Hunters: Left, Right and Off-Center podcast was started in August 2022 by Derek Keever and Brent Jones. Our catchphrase is “Stimulating dialogues with friends, family and anyone else who has something to say. Serious and not so serious topics but definitely not taking ourselves too seriously.”