In this episode, we talk to Vincent Lebert about his background and what brought him to Japan. More details can be found for some of what was covered in the links below.

Hamburg – 

Berlin – 

Japan Pop Culture – 

Gap Year – 

Japanology Plus (NHK World – Japan) – 

University of Trier –

Okayama University – 

Fukuoka – ( 

Kyudo – (International Kyudo Federation) 

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) – 

Kobe University – 

Mezenkei (Japan Reference) –

Kobun (Classical Japanese) – 

Summer School in Early Modern Paleography at the University of Cambridge – 

What is Content and Language Integrated Learning (Pearson English Blog) – 

Sakoku (Wikipedia) – 

Medieval Japanese Literature – 

Kanjo no Maki (かんぢょうのまき 灌頂巻)

J. R. R. Tolkien –

Lord of the Rings (IMDB) –