For this episode, Brent talked with Jökull Smári Jakobsson, a young gentleman he met during a visit to Iceland for the EuroCALL conference in August, 2023. Information on some of the topics covered can be found by following the links below.

Reykjavik (Visit Reykjavik) –

Icelandic Online –

Education in Iceland –

School of Work (Iceland Review) – 

Why Record Stores Mattered (The New Yorker) – 

University of Iceland –

Reykjavic College –

The SAT –

The National Theory of Iceland –

Wake Up Reykjavik –

Reykjavik Food Tour –

Icelandic Food (Guide to Iceland) –

Amfissa (Wikipedia) – 

Call of Duty – 

Counter-Strike – 

God of War (Wikipedia) – 

Rocket League – 

Episode 30 of the podcast with Jökull can be found HERE.